Fran Patel

" I wanted to let you know that Mabel passed away on 21st December.
Your photos now mean the world to me. "
" I wanted to let you know that Mabel passed away on 21st December.
Your photos now mean the world to me. "

This is a personal message that was sent to me some time ago.

It’s the reason why I do what I do.

It’s also the reason why I deeply believe in the importance of capturing our furry family members in the way we want to remember them.

Hi, I"m Fran

As opposed to what you might think about me now I’m actually a very happy person and I promise you that our photo session will be lighthearted and fun – for you and for your dog.

A few things about me

  • I was born & raised in Germany.
  • I’ve lived in the UK for almost 5 years and that’s where I had a dog sitting business which led to me starting dog photography.
  • I’ve now settled on Mallorca’s east coast with my husband and two pups.
  • My happy place is spending time with dogs and their human family.
        I feel very fortunate to do what I genuinely love to do and I’m grateful for it every day.
  • Why you can trust me as your dog photographer

    I exclusively photograph dogs and their humans
    – I don’t photograph weddings, newborns or mums-to-be.
    So whether you’ve got a new puppy or a beloved senior,
    a scared rescue mutt or a confident show dog,
    a tiny Chihuahua or a huge Great Dane,
    a pup that’s very lazy or very smart,
    that’s trained or untrained, terrified, reactive or has special needs,
    I’m always able to make it work and take pictures you’ll love and treasure forever.

    Your dog’s happiness is my priority

    I always tailor my sessions to your dog’s personality and preferences and make them as fun as possible – for them and for us 😃.
    If your dog doesn’t like the beach, we go to the park.
    And if they don’t want to wear a costume, we try other accessories until they’re happy.
    I won’t make your pooch sit in a spot for more than a minute, I’d rather just follow them around while they do what they love doing.
    And if they’re tired, we take a break.
    As long as your pup is happy, I’m happy. Because it will show in the pictures and I know I’ll get amazing photos for you.

    I take pictures that show your dog’s personality AND that look amazing

    You’ll probably know from your own experience, that taking a great photo of your dog is not easy.
    They wriggle about so your pics of them are blurred,
    they look away the second you press the button
    or they’re just a black blob in every image.
    I’m sure you have plenty of these photos on your phone.
    A stunning image is about showing your pup’s personality as well as telling a story.
    And it’s also about location, lighting, textures, colours, composition, (knowing your) equipment and editing.
    I have lots of experience creating timeless images that capture your fur baby in a way that you’ll want to look at them again and again.

    Your opinion counts

    Your unique style, perspective and taste are really important to me.
    I want you to love your pup’s photos as much as you love your pup.
    That’s why I invite you to a free pre-session consultation, where we talk in depth about your wishes,
    expectations and concerns for the photo session and the images.
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