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Taking the ferry from France to Mallorca

Last updated: 23rd November 2021  •  First published: 21st October 2021




Thinking about taking your dog on a holiday to Mallorca?

Or moving to Mallorca and now trying to figure out how to get your pooch to the island?

In this post I’ll tell you everything you need to know about travelling by ferry from Toulon to Alcudia.

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When we decided to move to Mallorca, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘Oh dear, how do we get the dogs over there?’

Chopstick and Maui both weigh way more than the 8kgs including bag that are allowed in the airplane cabin. And of course both are also too big. So flying was definitely not an option.

I had heard of ‘that ferry’ where the dogs have to stay in small kennels outside on deck next to the lorries. And that definitely was not an option either.

After poking around in different Facebook groups, I stumbled across a post and the answer that I had been looking for: Corsica Ferries 😊

Fast forward one year: We’re now residents of Mallorca and take the ferry regularly.

So to make life easier for you, here’s everything you need to know on taking the ferry from France to Mallorca.

Hi, I'm Fran!

I’m a dog photographer based on Mallorca’s east coast.


Shipping company:

Corsica Ferries

Address of the harbour in Toulon:

2 Av. de l’Infanterie de Marine
83000 Toulon

Phone: +33 4 94 41 11 89
GPS : 43.116695, 5.932295

Address of the harbour in Alcudia:

Carrer del Moll Comercial
07400 Alcúdia
Balearic Islands

GPS : 39.835021, 3.138700

Operating times:

from late March or early April
until end of October or early November

First journey in 2022: 2nd April

Duration of the journey:

14.5 to 15 hours

Keep in mind though that you should be at the port two hours before departure.
Check-in closes one hour before departure.

Toll road fee:

France has toll roads throughout which can be quite expensive.
Make sure to budget for toll expenses by using this free toll calculator.

Booking the ferry:

You can book the ferry from the Mainland (Toulon) to the Balearic Islands (Alcudia) on the Corsica Ferries website.

For more on how to book a pet-friendly cabin see below.


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Are dogs allowed on the ferry?

Yes they are. And not just that: They are actually welcome.

You and your furry family members are allowed to go together everywhere on the ferry – even to the restaurants.

Only the kids play area is off limits to dogs.

Are dogs allowed in the cabins?

Yes, if you have booked one of the pet-friendly cabins, you can bring your dog.

The cabins are fairly basic.

You get sheets and one towel per person. Everything else you need to bring yourself – including dog beds.

Sorry about the mess in the photos. We were just getting ready to disembark when I realised I hadn’t taken photos of the cabin 😬.

click on the photo to see it enlarged

How do I book a dog-friendly cabin?

First go to the Corsica Ferries website and complete the search form on the left.

Then tick the ‘I travel with a pet’ box and you’ll be able to add your dog to the reservation.

You’ll now be able to book a pet-friendly cabin if there are any available.

There aren't any pet-friendly cabins left.
What can I do?

The ferry has a limited number of dog-friendly cabins and they get snatched up quickly.

But don’t despair!

I have two insider tips on how you can still get a cabin with your pet, even if they are fully booked:

Insider Tip No 1

Cabins become available again all the time – particularly closer to the departure date.

Log into your reservation regularly and check for free pet-friendly cabins. 

Insider Tip No 2

If you didn’t manage to get a pet-friendly cabin in advance, you still have another chance of booking one.

Once you’re on board go to the reception desk on deck 5 and ask, if a dog-friendly cabin has become available.

If not, let the receptionist know that you’d like to book one and wait in the lobby.

What if I didn't manage to get a pet-friendly cabin after all?

If there are no pet-friendly cabins left, you’ve still got a chance to get a good night’s sleep.

Even if you’ve booked a seat, you can sleep pretty much wherever you want. 

Some people sleep with their dogs in the restaurants (that’s where the comfy couches are), some people bring camping mattresses and sleep on the floor.

We’ve even seen people putting up little tents.

And apparently in summer it’s amazing to sleep outside and look at the stars…

Keep in mind though that there are no kennels on board and you really shouldn’t leave your dog in the car.

So prepare to bring everything you need make sure your dog is secured while you’re asleep.

What if my dog needs to pee or poop?

The ferry has a small toilet area located on the top deck.

It’s pretty basic – a box filled with pebbles and a bin.

But then again: What else do you need?

click on the photo to see it enlarged

The ‘dog toilet’ is fairly well signposted but we still had trouble find it on our first crossing.

So here’s how to get there:

Find the reception area and go up the big staircase all the way to the top.

click on the photo to see it enlarged

Once you’ve passed the restaurants, you’ll get to the pool area.

Go through the glass doors on either side and then up the stairs that aren’t blocked.

click on the photo to see it enlarged

Does my dog need a muzzle?

Well, yes and no. 

Dogs don’t need to wear a muzzle per se, but only you know how your dog reacts with other dogs or in new situations. If in doubt, bring one.

Most dogs are not big fans of wearing a muzzle, unless they have received training or become used to them from a young age.

Make sure to introduce your dog to wearing a muzzle before the trip so both of you can have a relaxed journey.

What are other rules we need to follow?

There are really not a lot of rules on the ferry regarding your dog.

These signs are put up everywhere and most of the ‘rules’ are just common sense.

click on the photo to see it enlarged

How does embarkation work?

We’ve embarked on the ferry in two different ways so far:

When travelling from Toulon to Alcudia, we were all allowed to stay in the car for embarkation.

On our way back from Alcudia to Toulon however, only the driver was allowed in the car.

The dogs could have stayed in the car as well. But since it was a hot day, I decided to take them with me to the climatized embarkation building and we boarded as foot passengers.

And according to other passengers sometimes two people are allowed to stay in the car for embarkation.

click on the photo to see it enlarged

More Photos

Before I leave you with a few more impressions of the ferry, here’s one last thing:

Do you still have questions?

Or you’ve noticed something I missed?

Just go to my Contact page and drop me a line 😊.

click on the photo to see it enlarged

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